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Technical Support

Canadian Wood Vietnam’s wood experts support manufacturers, builders and interior designers to help understand the working and performance properties of four Canadian species. Our specialists can help identify the right variety and grade for your applications. We also help establish channels for a steady supply of lumber from British Columbia (B.C.), Canada.

If you are a wooden furniture manufacturing company or builder, we can help you choose the right wood species for your next project. For stockists, traders or importers looking to purchase wood from Canada, we can provide the right support to assist you with finding Canadian wood suppliers.

Canadian Wood Office and Display Space

Visit the Canadian Wood Vietnam display space to view furniture samples and learn about how to use Canadian wood species in your next furniture or design project.

The Canadian Wood office and display space are located at:

Tan Cang-Long Binh Service Area
Quarter 7, Long Binh Ward
Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province

Request a visit through Long Nguyen at or +84 90 333 0553

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