High quality certified wood from British Columbia, (B.C.) Canada lends itself to a variety of furniture manufacturing applications. Due to their natural beauty and excellent working properties, B.C. wood species are extremely popular with furniture manufacturers and consumers.

Recommended Species

Canadian hemlock wood boards
Western Hemlock

Western Hemlock exhibits great strength-to-weight ratio, excellent machining and good nail and screw holding properties. It can be planed and sanded to an even, smooth finish and its natural beautiful grain and carving properties make it popular among furniture manufacturers. Being non-resinous, Western Hemlock takes on a wide range of stains and polishes to a lustrous finish.

Canadian cedar wood boards
Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is the perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor furniture. Its superior machining and gluing properties make it an excellent material, not only for furniture manufacturing, but also for sauna and spa joinery. Western Red Cedar takes on a variety of stains and can be finished beautifully. Due to its natural resistance to termite and decay, it is particularly suited for outdoor furniture and projects.

canadian spruce wood boards
Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF)

Due to its light weight, ease of handling and excellent working properties, SPF is a preferred choice for furniture framing. It performs well due to its strength and stability along with outstanding gluing and screw holding properties.

Canadian fir wood boards

Due to its excellent strength, workability, screw & nail holding properties and the ability to take on a variety of stains, paints and finishes, Douglas-Fir is a preferred wood species for furniture manufacturing.

Canadian wood Yellow Cedar lumber
Yellow Cedar

Due to its durability, Yellow Cedar is often used for shingles, posts, poles, marine pilings, small boat hulls, oars and paddles, water and chemical tanks, exterior doors and door jambs, window frames and window boxes. Structural grades are commonly used for exterior applications such as bridges, decking, stairs and for landscaping.

Other Applications

Doors & Windows