Canadian wood is versatile and durable.

High-quality, certified wood from Canada is suitable for a variety of furniture manufacturing applications. The warmth and natural beauty of Canadian wood  make it an excellent finish material for both interior and exterior applications.

The design flexibility and superior working properties of Canadian wood species make it an ideal choice for manufacturers and consumers in Vietnam and around the world.

Wood Species – Canada Softwood Lumber

Western Hemlock
canadian hemlock wood tree icon INFORMATION
Canadian hemlock wood boards
canadian spruce pine fir tree icon INFORMATION
canadian spruce wood boards
Douglas Fir
canadian douglas fir wood icon INFORMATION
Canadian fir wood boards
Western Red Cedar
Canadian western red cedar icon INFORMATION
Canadian cedar wood boards


Doors & Windows

Why Wood?

Wood is ideal for indoor, outdoor and structural uses, not only as a finish material, but also to bring warmth and natural beauty to interior and exterior applications. Wood is a material of choice due to its cost effectiveness, ease and efficiency of construction, versatility and sustainability.